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I love the immediacy of working with paint and wax – color flows, mixes, and has a life of its own. I get to play and respond in the moment as if dancing with the pigment. I paint intuitively, letting the pieces speak to me as I create. This way of working is a meditation, a practice of stilling the mind and being in the moment,allowing the unfolding of the creation.

I want the same moment of meditation for my viewers. I want their experience to grow the longer they look at my pieces. They are intended to be a mystery that draws the viewer in on a visual adventure, with a feast of color, shape and texture. I believe art affects on an energetic level and can transform the spirit.

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Click here to view my paintings gallery:


As a child I loved art materials in all forms but most of all the color, the creamy paint and the alchemy of mixing pigments called to me. I love to create more colors and the freedom to play. I delight in the medium’s fluidity and texture. I let the painting speak to me moment-by-moment, intuitively connecting with the surface and the materials to communicate depth.


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Click here to view my collages gallery:


In life we can’t always see where each choice will take us. The same is true when I assemble a collage. Torn fragments and beautiful papers call out to me to become more than the sum of their parts. They wait to be chosen and layered into something beautiful — creating a vibrant whole. I often can’t see exactly what the pieces will demand or where they will take me. Yet the whole comes together just like the parts of our lives, forming a new vision and the promise of discovery.

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Click here to view my mixed media gallery:

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Click here to view my encaustics gallery:


With age, I realize personal growth demands reinvention yet I know what’s hidden inside, below the surface often contains the gold. Likewise, an encaustic has its beautiful outer layer of hot,pigmented wax, but by scraping and digging, I expose elements below so that the essences can shine forth. The fire of experience has forged my life into rich, beautiful textures. I enjoy the push and pull of juxtaposing the transparent and opaque pigments, the rough and smooth textures, the dark and the light colors, just as I enjoy the push and pull of my inner and outer life.


I am drawn to the feel of all sorts of media under my fingertips. I enjoy using odds and ends of found objects. I love using scraps of ephemera and small bits found on my walks or in unexpected places. Sometimes I’ll tell a story and other times, I’ll let the pieces speak for themselves. Juxtaposing colors, textures and attributes of each medium allows a new voice to sing out and a new story to land on the canvas.


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